Product Description

CraftSeal incorporate Nano Technology into the waterborne treatment that achieves in-depth penetration and surface hydrophobic effect, filling and coating subsurface pores with crystallization actions.

It is permeable to water vapors, allowing treated substrate to dry gradually without staining.
Being non-film forming and UV resistance, it does not leave a glossy finish and will not change the substrate appearance. Mainly used for sealing and waterproofing of concrete and natural stone.

It contains a solid, mild antibiotic that inhibits organic growth without affecting the environment. On application, it surface cure rapidly.
Any liquid water collected beneath the surface causes the other active components to penetrate deep into the substrate and crystallized, providing in-depth protection.


  1. Roller, brush, sprayed, injection or dip applied
  2. Block water by hydrophobic and crystallization actions
  3. Abrasion and UV resistance
  4. Can be coated with waterproofing membrane
  5. Will not support algae or fungi growth
  6. Fine hairline cracks blocking


Principal Applications

Waterproofing and Dampness sealing of:

  • Fair faced structural concrete
  • Natural stones, clays and structural timbers
  • Clay and cement bricks
  • Concrete surface (e.g. rooftop, slabs, pavement)
  • Stain protection on grout and mortar joint
  • Cement fiber boards (with surface strengthening effect)
  • Walls and column rising dampness (as chemical DPC)


  1. Preparation - Remove all loose materials by high pressure jetting (<2000psi or <14N/mm2). Stop observable water leakage by quick setting hydraulic cement compound. Allow substrate to dry until no free water is observed.
  2. General Application - Stir CraftSeal thoroughly before application. Apply CraftSeal liberally without ‘ponding’ or ‘running’ on a single application.

    Wipe off excess surface CraftSeal with a damp cloth or sponge. Allow it to dry for 24 hrs. The initial protection takes effect immediately upon drying.

    Additional application on dried CraftSeal will results in white crystallization on treated substrate.

  3. Finishing - The treated substrates do not require further treatment. Strong detergent will reduce the hydrophobic effect, requiring subsequent treatment.


    Technical Information
    Form Clear free flowing liquid
    Flash Point Not flammable, water borne system
    Storage Life 1 year (in original unopened container)
    Drying Time < 1hr (@ 250C, 65% RH, on dry concrete)
    Effective Cure Time 24 to 48 hours (full cure takes 1 month)
    Coverage 8~12m2/litre (depending on substrate porosity)
    UV Resistance Excellent
    Temperature Resistance Max. 1600C
    Crack Blocking Up to 0.2mm
    Depth of Absorption 5 to 21mm (G20 concrete without pressure)
    Point Not
    Water Vapour Permeability < 5% hindrance when compare with respective untreated substrates.
    Chemical Resistance Resistance to all inorganic chemicals except Caustic Soda and KOH. Partially soluble in oxygenated solvent.

    * CraftSeal is available in 2 and 5 litre packing. Contact Us on how to get it!