Our latest Snow White collection is finally here! Offering the pristine white finishing that is ever elegant and timeless.

CraftStone® Snow White collection is spread across many of our popular stones and bricks design for home owners to select and create the ideal All-White interior style.


Cast and mold from chemically improved light weight concrete, CraftStone® is a fine replica of natural stone, capturing even the finest detail that even on close examination, these artificial stone veneers look and feel like the original!

Each range of CraftStone® products is carefully designed and cast from hundreds of different molds, virtually eliminating any repetition.


Among the oldest and most widely used building materials, clay bricks offer natural and lasting earthly tones. The unique and natural style of CraftBrick™ ‘s Cobbler Brick and Rock-Face Bricks display some of the most delicate features of burnt clay.

Each range of CraftBrick™ is designed and manufactured from the finest clay and burnt to perfection. Also available are CraftBrick™ Veneer which offers you an authentic full brick wall look.


CraftStone® latest linéairestone series offer a modern design and colors that caters to a new generation’s pursue for simple and elegant design. The simplicity and elegance of CraftStone® latest linéairestone series enables you to create an integrated space within a modern home that resonates with time.

Indeed, CraftStone® is YOUR NATURAL CHOICE!


CraftSeal incorporate Nano Technology into the waterborne treatment that achieves in-depth penetration and surface hydrophobic effect, filling and coating subsurface pores with crystallization actions.

Being non-film forming and UV resistance, it does not leave a glossy finish and will not change the substrate appearance. Mainly used for sealing and waterproofing of concrete and natural stone.


Comes in multiple floral design and sizes, the new and innovative FloraStone® deliver a touch of elegant and style to your home. Apart from the high quality signature of all CraftStone®’s products, you will find FloraStone® easy to install and virtually maintenance free for both indoor and outdoor application.

Add a timeless appeal and master piece of art to your home and design with FloraStone® today!


As building and design get more sophisticated and practical, CraftStone® range of architectural accessories provides the ideal solution for the perfect finishing.

With architectural accessories ranging from window and door trim, watertables and sills, Capstone and Quions, CraftStone®’s accessories is the answer to all your design needs.